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Katie Winkle is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University, where she is developing new lines of research around trustworthy Human Robot Interaction (and what that means) at the Social Robotics Lab. Her research interests cover the design, development, evaluation and application of socially assistive robotics, with a focus on human-in-the-loop design/development and mutual shaping approaches which recognise the two-way interaction between robots and society. 

Talk title: Feminist Human Robot Interaction



In this talk, I will try to explore some ideas of what feminist human-robot interaction could 'look like' at different levels - whether you want to do activist-driven research or simply build better robots, which is actually how I came to be interested in these topics in the first place. I will make the analogy to robot ethics - we might not all want to become robot ethics researchers, but we (should!) all want to be ethical roboticists, and hope to kick-off further discussions reflecting on how we do robotics, whom we invite to do it with us and how changing things up a bit might be a great opportunity for simultaneous making robots that are simultaneously more ethical and more effective.

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